Past Conferences

Past Conferences


Past conferences

Third conference on the recent advances in the assessment, diagnosis and multidisciplinary management of people with Disorders of Consciousness (DOC)

Conference date: October 2018

Reference material

Conference Welcome, Ross White, CEO

Programme for 12 October

Update on the Guidelines on Diagnosis, Prognosis, Natural History and Treatment of Persons with Prolonged DoC (co-sponsored by the American Academy of Neurology, American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine & National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research), Dr Joseph T Giacino

Definitionand Diagnostic Criteria for Post-Traumatic Confusional State, Dr Mark Sherer

Neurological Assessment and Diagnosis in Disorders of Consciousness using the Sensory Tool to Assess Responsiveness, Verity Stokes

Challenges in Commissioning for PDOC Patients. Views of a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Jenny Kettell

The Putney PDoC Toolkit: A Set of Resources to Support the Assessment of Patients in PDoC, Amy Pundole & Susie Wilford

Ethics, Spirituality & Care, Rt. Rvd. Dr Christopher Herbert

Recent Advances in Paraclinical Assessment of Patients with Disorders of Consciousness, Dr Camille Chatelle

Longitudinal Bedside Assessments of Brain Networks Track Individual Recovery in Disorders of Consciousness, Dr Srivas Chennu

Supporting families of people with severe brain injuries and Disorder of consciousness (DOC): What can professionals do

Conference date: October 2017

Topics and speakers included:

  • Decisions about life-prolonging treatment for patients in prolonged disorders of consciousness - working with families to inform best interests decisions. Jenny Kitzinger, Professor of Communications Research, Cardiff University. Co-Director of Coma and Disorders of Consciousness Research Centre (delegates may view video here)
  • Supporting Children/ Teenagers of patients with DOC/ Profound brain injuries. Dr Andrea Pickering, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Department of Neuropsychology, RECOLO (delegates may view video here)
  • “Neither a wife nor a widow”:  The challenges PDoC creates for families. Sonja Soeterik, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Research Fellow, Institute for NeuroPalliative Rehabilitation (delegates may view video here)
  • “I’ve already told the family that!”:  An intervention with staff to improve information sharing with families. Katie Richards Therapy Manager & Taryn Holman Neuro-physiotherapist, Royal Hospital for Neurodisability, Putney (delegates may view video here)
  • A Prospective Case Series to Investigate Current Practice in the Physical Management and its Impact on the Pattern of Limb and Spinal Deformities in People with a Disorder of Consciousness. Rasheed Meeran MSC MCSP, Director of Clinical Services, Holy Cross Hospital (delegates may view video here)

Recent advances in the assessment, diagnosis and MDT management of people with Disorders of Consciousness (DOC)

Conference date: September 2016

This conference was aimed at nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, case managers, personal injury lawyers and other professionals who work with people with DOC. Expert clinicians and leading academics also talked about recent advances in the field.

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The JFK Coma Recovery Scale Revised: Clinical and Research Applications

A training seminar for rehabilitation professionals — September 2016

Course instructor: JOSEPH T. GIACINO, PhD


An Overview of the Coma Recovery Scale — Revised (CRS-R)

A Comprehensive Evidence-Based Approach to Assessment and Treatment of Persons with Disorders of Consciousness: A Training Seminar for Rehabilitation Professionals

The Spaulding Disorders of Consciousness Comprehensive Evidence-Based Assessment Battery

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Downloads from the 2016 Conference:

Measuring Spasticity in people with DoC-from the lab to the bed side. Anand Pandyan

Back to the bedside? Making clinical decisions in patients with a prolonged disorder of consciousness. Dr Derick T Wade

Ethical principles in the management of people with a disorder of consciousness (DOC) –A Roman Catholic perspective. Rev Dr Trevor T D Welland

Advances & Considerations in The Use of Intrathecal Treatments for Managing Spasticity. Hayden Kirk

Recent Advances in the Assessment and Diagnosis of Disorders of Consciousness: Behavioral and Neuroimaging Applications. Joseph T. Giacino, PhD

Recent findings from fMRI and implications for the investigation of people with Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness. Judith Allanson MA BM BChPhD FRCP

Challenges for Allied Health Professionals working with disorders of consciousness patients and their families. Prof Jenny Kitzinger

Optimizing Circadian Rhythm and Characterizing Brain Function in Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness. Dr Kudret C. Yelden, MRCP

Music Therapy in the Assessment and Rehabilitation of Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness: Lessons from Research. Sophie Rappich

Complex Coping and Complex Caring: The Experiences of Families and Healthcare Professionals Supporting People with Disorders of Consciousness. Sonja Soeterik. C Psychol, AFBPSS, HCPC

Electroencephalography in Disorders of Consciousness. Srivas Chennu PhD

Physical and pharmacological intervention for spasticity and contracture management: A multi-causative and mutli-management picture. Dr Stephen Ashford

Learning from contracture management in Stroke -recent review & views of therapists in DOC. Venugopal Durairaj

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