Roles at Holy Cross

Roles at Holy Cross

Our team is committed to making patients’ lives as comfortable as possible and giving their families peace of mind.  

Clinical team

Our clinical team is highly motivated and has advanced levels of skill and knowledge. Our main aim is to provide the best possible quality of treatment and care focusing on what each individual patient can achieve. The team hold weekly multidisciplinary team meetings to review goals and progress and discuss further care and therapy. The Consultant holds a weekly ward round with the team. 

Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and Medical Officers - review patients’ progress and medication; provide advice and treatment.

Nurses and Health Care Assistants - provide round the clock, high quality care and support to patients, families and friends. Specialist nurses support the wider team to ensure patients are medically stable.

Physiotherapists and Technicians – use many different methods to help patients regain normal movement and prevent complications such as tissue shortening, formation of contractures and pressure ulcers. Methods include strengthening exercises, stretching, standing regimes and practiced controlled movement. Patients are treated in the gym or the hydrotherapy pool. Team members provide advice on posture and positioning of patients.

Occupational Therapist and Assistants – maximise the potential of individual patients by translating movement into functional activities. For example, a small movement in a finger means a patient could operate a switch to access a communication aid or environmental controls. Occupational therapists and assistants play a key role in assessing a patient’s level of awareness and cognitive function.

Speech and Language Therapist – is involved in all aspects of a patient’s communication such as verbal expression, understanding, helping patients to overcome the disabling nature of communication difficulties as far as they are able. The Therapist has specialist knowledge about swallowing difficulties and will assess and advise as necessary.

Consultant Neuropsychologist - assesses and advises on cognitive difficulties such as memory, concentration, changes in behaviour as well as helping patients cope with the emotional aspect of their illness/injury. 

Dietitian – ensures nutritional needs of patients are met by assessing requirements, prescribing a feeding regime for patients unable to take food by mouth and regular monitoring. The dietician works closely with the catering department, nurses and the speech and language therapist to manage patients with swallowing disorders and a modified texture diet.

Activities Organisers – meet the social needs of patients by providing a range of activities both within and outside the Hospital.

Volunteer Baking

Support Services

The team ensures that all aspects of the environment and day-to-day running of the Hospital are kept in an optimum state to support good patient care. They make sure the Hospital is clean, the buildings and grounds are well maintained and the business side of the Hospital is efficient.  


The team‘s work is vital to the prevention of infection by making sure all areas in the Hospital are clean and tidy. They also look after the Hospital laundry and patient clothing.


The caretakers make sure plant, buildings and equipment are maintained, that the environment is clean, safe, comfortable and efficient in operation and that the security of the building is maintained at all times.


Provide tasty nutritious meals for patients, staff, visitors and the Sisters. They work closely with clinical staff and provide an individualised service to patients.


Administration and Accounts 

This team is the first point of contact for enquiries, visitors and outpatients. They provide a wide range of services including reception, accounts, payroll, human resources and information technology and management. 

Our Patients' Stories

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