New qualification for Joanna Speed, general manager

Congratulations to our general manager Joanna Speed who has achieved Chartered status with the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

The process of reaching Chartered status involves maintaining existing professional development standards followed by completing written exams and passing an in depth peer review interview with a presentation. Applicants can only begin the process once they have reached a high professional standard in occupational health. In Joanna’s case, that was passing the City and Guilds Level 5 qualification. Even then, applicants can only progress through the process after they have passed each step. 

 “Achieving Chartered status is a tough and rigorous process but so it should be,” says Joanna. “The IOSH is the biggest health and safety membership in the world and the only one that offers Chartered status for my profession. Receiving Chartered status shows I have reached a sufficient standard of expertise and experience and that I am maintaining that. That should give confidence to members and the people who trust the IOSH, such as employers like Holy Cross Hospital and their clients. It also keeps my job interesting and helps me develop as a person.”

Holy Cross Hospital invests heavily in its staff - both clinical and support - and encourages them to aim high in their professional development. Indeed this is the second Chartered status Joanna has received, having previously become a member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Supporting staff training and qualifications benefits both patients, the hospital as a whole and staff themselves.  

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