Friends fund new patient transport

The Friends of Holy Cross Hospital showed their commitment and ongoing support for the Hospital when they gathered for the annual general meeting on Thursday.

The chairman Mr Sligo-Young, welcomed the Friends and reviewed the year’s activities. A number of successful fundraising events have taken place, which have included the annual Golf Day supported by West Surrey Golf Club, a Horse Race Night, a concert and a sponsored walk. In addition the Friends received a donation of £3,000 from the Boxing Day Run and £12,156 from a sponsored cycle ride, the Robson Pedal.

At the meeting the Friends confirmed approval to fund the purchase of a new mini bus that will be used to transport patients on outings to shops, concerts, local beauty spots and home visits.

The money raised throughout the year has been used to purchase equipment for patients that the hospital would otherwise not have been able to afford to buy. Gifts have included a Blood Gas Analyser, which provides nurses with valuable insights into a patient’s condition and a mobile arm support that has enabled more patients to use the computers in the Hospital’s sensory room.

The Friends also donated a substantial proportion of the funds required to install Wi-Fi in all areas of the Hospital. Christopher Hinton, Holy Cross Hospital’s Chief Executive says: “The Friends’ donation has enabled there to be internet access everywhere in the Hospital. Patients can now connect to the internet from their room which means they can keep in touch with family and friends and enjoy all that the internet has to offer. The introduction of Wi-Fi has been marvellous for promoting independence and has meant that some of our patients have been able to enjoy what so many of us take for granted such as shopping online or exploring and researching new interests.”

The Physiotherapy Centre outpatients’ service has also benefited from the Friends’ fundraising. A special treatment couch and a standing hoist have been purchased and are proving to be popular with patients undergoing rehabilitation.

Christopher Hinton adds: “We are so grateful for the Friends’ donations. Their generous agreement to fund the mini bus means our patients will be far more comfortable when they are on an outing. The purchases of equipment throughout the year are helping us to remain at the forefront of the development of care and treatment for people with neuro-disability. Our research and training programmes are assisting with raising awareness and are giving hope to patients and their loved ones. On behalf of the Hospital, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the Friends and their supporters for all they do.”

Anybody who is interested in becoming a Friend of Holy Cross Hospital or who has a fundraising idea should contact Charles Marriott on 01428 643311.

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