St Hugh's completed

St Hugh's completed

The completion of St Hugh’s, the new education and learning centre, marked an important milestone in the hospital’s centenary year. In contrast to the nostalgia and reflection of this year’s other celebrations, St Hugh’s is all about the future: looking forward, continually improving care and expanding knowledge and skill.

St Hugh’s is an investment in Holy Cross’s future and as such must satisfy the needs of the hospital for decades to come. While function is important so is design; for the people working around St Hugh’s and using the building, the centre needed to be attractive and reflect Holy Cross as an innovator and centre of excellence. The finances needed for the building were substantial so careful management of the project was essential throughout.

Mark Penfold of Macallan Penfold, the architects of St Hugh’s, says: “As a building with the purpose of helping people learn and develop, it was important for me that the design of St Hugh’s should inspire and enthuse everyone who uses it. It’s rewarding that as 2017 comes to an end, the centre is complete and already in use.”   

Andrew Newman, from Flint Construction the contractor, says: “When we took over the project from the previous contractors, we were committed to doing all we could to get back on schedule, overcome any issues and complete the build to the high standard Holy Cross expected, with as little disruption as possible to everyone at the hospital. I think St Hugh’s is looking fantastic and provides an excellent facility for staff and visitors.”



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