Postural and Physical Management

Postural and Physical Management

We work with patients to provide the most appropriate physical interventions such as spasticity management and 24-hour posture management.

Spasticity is over-activity in the muscles, which is a common complication in people with neurological disability. Uncontrolled spasticity leads to contractures, which are described as permanent shortening in the muscles and soft tissues.

Treatment options include: 

  • medications and injections
  • physiotherapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • splinting, and 
  • correct positioning throughout the 24-hour period. 

We assist patients by using a variety of seating systems and positioning aids to maintain appropriate posture, prevent complications such as pressure ulcers and contractures, provide comfort and enable patients to access their immediate surroundings at Holy Cross and the wider community. 

Our therapists work with patients to complete a comprehensive postural assessment. The findings of the assessment are used to finalise a wheelchair prescription, which is sent to local wheelchair or special seating services. Care plans and photographic positioning guidelines act as a point of reference to maintain consistency in 24-hour posture management. These are reviewed every month and adapted to meet the changing needs of individual patients.

Our Patients' Stories

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